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Luoyang Liyu kiln furnace Co., Ltd., is a professional and large manufacture of furnace at home, of which gathered R & D and production, sales and service together. We got the certificate of compliance for ISO 9001:2008,CE,and Henan AAA brand enterprises. Luoyang Liyu kiln furnace Co., Ltd., located in High-tech Industrial Park of Luoyang City, Henan Province, is a professional and large manufacture of furnace at home, of which gathered R & D and production, sales and service together. We bring in the most advanced technology from all over the world and can meet the customer needs by designing kilns and furnaces of different size and type, different high accuracy. We mainly manufacture furnace and kilns like: muffle furnaces, electric resistance furnaces, tube furnaces, box type furnaces, vertical furnaces, lab furnaces, high-temp furnaces, elevator furnaces, bell-type furnaces, fritting furnaces, shuttle furnaces, sintering furnaces, thermal shock furnace, vacuum furnaces, reheating furnaces, dental furnace, high vacuum CVD tube furnaces, energy saving furnaces, ceramic furnace, atmosphere furnaces, pit furnaces, metallurgy furnaces, NM furnace, glass melting furnaces molybdenum stick furnace, carbon rod furnace, pusher kiln, roller kiln, ceramic heating furnace, chemical furnace , electronic furnace, metallurgy heating furnace, chemical sintering furnace, electronic sintering furnace; and electronic drying equipment like drying oven, vacuum drying oven, industrial oven, etc. Our products tempered by the market for more than 20 years have get the reliable quality and stable performance, and be praised widely by the new and old customers, sell well at home and abroad. The product is widely used for the testing and producing of powder, electronics, metallurgy, medical care, ceramics, glass, new materials, refractory, military, chemical, metal sintering and heat treatments etc, in universities, research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises. It is the ideal equipment for testing and producing.
The company has got the certificate of compliance for ISO 9001:2008 and the CE certification. Recently We renew our concept and In recent years Luoyang LIYU, Furnace Company by updating the concept of institutional mechanisms and technological innovation, the company's main business revenue maintained an average of more than 30% growth products in the forefront of the domestic market share for five consecutive years was named the national high-tech enterprise, was named the "intellectual property innovation focus protection units.
In product technical excellence, innovation, and has developed a series JNL energy-efficient furnace, kiln patent products, a number of products obtained national patent certificate: is warming rapidly, high energy-saving, high-precision, high-stability, thermal insulation properties the entire microcomputer control, programmable automatic heating, cooling, insulation, furnace surface temperature close to room temperature, such as Unisys conditions, industry specific performance, since the advent of good market performance.
We always adhere to the strategy of technologically produce, brand quality, brand marketing, and to realize the scientific management. We insist the principle of quality guarantee, perfect service, good reputation.
Customers new and old at home and abroad are warmly welcomed to visit and talk to us. Let us hand in hand work together to create brilliant.

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